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The 48th Anniversary of the Independence and National Day of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

I recently attended per invitation, the lovely event, to celebrate the milestone of independence for the lovely people of Bangladesh. It was hosted in Waterkloof, at Bangladesh House.

A warm welcoming at the entrance by the High Commissioner of Bangladesh and Mrs. Abeda Ahmad Chowdhury, made me feel right at home! Lovely people, and true representatives of the Bangladesh culture of warmth and friendliness.

During the ceremony the reminder of the long process of obtaining freedom and independence for the Bangladesh people became evident. Irrespective of this, they remain friendly, and eager to assist other countries in following the same path.

Our political relationship with Bangladesh is becoming stronger through the mutual interest in developing Bangladesh as well as South Africa, into stronger economical countries. Bangladesh is known for its rich culture and is one of the biggest producers of fabrics in the world today.

I can only see a future of strong relations growing day bay day between these two highly motivated countries, both South Africa and Bangladesh will rely a lot on their diplomatic relations and economical support for one another.

What an informative event indeed!

Lovely times, lovely people!

-Nadia Vermeulen

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